• Aerospace


    Aluminum, Nickel, and Titanium available upon request. Boeing, Airbus, GE, Lockheed, Northrop specifications met. Aerospace alloys are available for both...

  • Defense


    ISA carry a full line of materials including high strength stainless steel grades, alloy steels, nickel, aluminum, and many more used for Defense application....

  • Energy


    ISA specializes in a wide variety of metals to accommodate this industry. Supplying high strength alloys, corrosion resistant nickels, stainless steel grades,...

  • Marine


    ISA Specializing in Marine grade Nickel Alloys, 200, 625, 718 Monel 400, K500 and many more. High strength corrosion resistant alloys. For valves, pipes and...

  • Manufacturing


    ISA supply Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickels in ultra thin sizes. For the production of processors, conductors and many more electronic components.

Supplier of Specialty Metals for Engineered Material Solutions.
Stainless Steel - Alloy Steel - Nickel - Titanium